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    Sharon En Kerrang!



    Sharon En Kerrang!

    Mensaje por Invitado el Dom 12 Oct 2008 - 20:05

    Kerrang!: When was the last time you cried?
    Sharon: "When my grandmother died. I don't cry really easily but when I do, it's for a reason."

    Kerrang!: What's the last album you bought?
    "I bought Dirt by Alice In Chains, which I love. You know how you put
    everything on your MP3 player and then you get rid of your CD's? Well,
    I did that and then I lost all of the files. I was like, 'Noooo!' so
    then, of course, I had to go and buy it again."

    Kerrang!: When was the last time you did something you shouldn't have?
    "Oh, a long time ago. Probably in my teens. It depends what you mean,
    of course. I really can't remember, unless I'm getting used to being a
    bad girl in certain ways that it doesn't even register now."

    Kerrang!: What would you spend your last £20 on?
    Sharon: "A large glass of wine with goat's cheese. Those are my sins."

    Kerrang!: When was the last time you got into a fight?
    "My God, that was a long time ago. I can't even remember, really. Maybe
    fights with shouting and arguing but as far as actually fighting goes,
    I never do that."

    Kerrang!: When was the last time you were drunk?
    "Ah, now that wasn't so long ago. It would have been the last day of
    the last tour I think because I finally was allowed to drink. I don't
    tend to drink on tour because I have to look after my voice but that
    also means that I only need one or two glasses to get me drunk. I'm not
    used to alcohol at all but I don't think I'm a bad drunk. When I drink
    I get more ironic. Some people when they get drunk they get a bad mouth
    and turn nasty but I just get more loose and have a ball."

    Kerrang!: When was the last time you went to a gig that wasn't your own?
    "I went to see A Perfect Circle the last time they played in Holland.
    They don't do many shows but they're always great when they do."

    Kerrang!: What's the last thing you do before going to bed?
    Sharon: "I brush my teeth. That's about it."

    Kerrang!: What's the last song you'd like to hear before you die?
    "That's a little macabre. I don't know but I don't hope to die for a
    long time, so hopefully that's not too important. I don't think I'd
    want to hear music anyway, though. Maybe have a nice talk with someone
    and make sure there was nothing unfinished that you wanted to say
    before you went."

    Adicto Al Foro
    Adicto Al Foro

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    Re: Sharon En Kerrang!

    Mensaje por Any el Sáb 26 Sep 2009 - 18:15

    me encanto la entrevista, y sobre todo lo de que se emborracha al final de la gira, jaja

      Fecha y hora actual: Lun 18 Jun 2018 - 9:20