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    Sharon Y Tarja Opinando



    Sharon Y Tarja Opinando

    Mensaje por Invitado el Miér 25 Jun 2008 - 16:45

    Es un articulo en el k a Sharon y Tarja les ponen una cancion sin decirles el grupo y opinan de ella.
    COPIADO del foro de Lumsk:

    So basically, what happened is that The German Metal Hammer played
    Tarja and Sharon a song without telling them who the band is, and they
    had to comment on the song. Here's what they said:

    The Gathering – “In Motion #1”
    Tarja: Sounds like Anneke van Giersbergen. Is it her? Must be an old
    song. Her fantastic voice sounds quite young on this one. Anneke is one
    of my favourite female vocalists.
    Sharon: The Gathering! I like “In Motion”. This song is so beautifully
    melancholic. Mandylion ranks among my favourite albums of our fellow

    Tristania – “Shadowman”
    Tarja: A nice beginning with the violin. Very interesting. It seems as
    if this lady usually sings in a slightly higher register. Tristania?
    They&acute;ve already been opening for Nightwish. But live, these
    Norwegians sound totally different. I like it.
    Sharon: Starts like another song by The Gathering. They must have
    influenced this band. Very good song structure. Atmospheric and dreamy.
    The vocals are good, but too much in the background. Tristania? Sorry,
    don&acute;t know them.

    After Forever – “Monolith Of Doubt”
    Tarja: I&acute;ve already heard this riff quite often. Floor
    Jansen! This can only be After Forever. This song is from DECIPHER!
    Floor is getting better and better. Please more of her voice and less
    Sharon: After Forever! Our drummer produced this album. We have already
    been on the same stage with them quite often. A good band, even if
    it&acute;s not exactly my style. Floor has a great technique.

    Lacuna Coil – “Heaven&acute;s A Lie”
    Tarja: Sounds a lot like Within Temptation. Not them? Damned. I should
    actually recognize this band. Her voice seems very specific and
    distinctive – nice and deep. Lacuna Coil? I&acute;d even buy it.
    Sharon: Is it Lacuna Coil? I know them from a compilation CD, on which
    we were also featured with one song. I haven&acute;t heard many of
    their songs yet, but they make a good impression.

    Lumsk – “Allvis”
    Tarja: A very nordic voice. Sweet and lovely. Aha, Norwegians.
    Don&acute;t know them. Lumsk? No idea what that means, but a really
    interesting band. In spite of the fact that folk is not exactly my
    Sharon: Definitely something Scandinavian. Absolutely beautiful voice,
    good technique. That&acute;s something I&acute;m crazy about.
    Must have it! Lumsk? Never heard before, but great! Very folky!

    Autumn – “Gallery Of Reality”
    Tarja: Great intro! I like it very much. Please turn louder! She has a
    very beautiful voice. I also like the melody and the guitars. Autumn?
    The Dutch really have a lot of good bands. I&acute;ve got to buy
    Sharon: Don&acute;t know them. The production could be a bit more
    powerful. But the structure is well done. Somehow this deep voice seems
    familiar to me. Of course! Autumn! Excellent song. Finally, I get to
    hear the album-version.

    Leaves&acute; Eyes – “New Found Land”
    Tarja: Liv! Why haven&acute;t I got the album yet? I like it that
    she finally can sing without restrictions. She has such a beautiful
    voice, which as long as she was a member of Theater And Tragedy
    unfortunately never came into its own.
    Sharon: Liv Kristine. She has a beautiful voice. This must be
    Leaves&acute; Eyes. Sounds great. Very atmospheric! Belongs into my

    Epica – “Cry For The Moon”
    Tarja: Movie metal. Sounds like the “Gladiator” soundtrack. In my
    mind&acute;s eye I see a battlefield full of dead bodies. Who is
    it? Hey! The vocalist enters my territory. Haha. Epica?
    They&acute;ve got talent.
    Sharon: Is it Nightwish? I&acute;m not sure. Or Epica? There are
    similarities. No surprise that Tarja responded to it. Epica are not
    really my thing, but they&acute;ve got a lot of potential.

    Gåte – “Du som er ung”
    Tarja: Gosh! Sweden? I don&acute;t know. Norwegians? The language
    sounds just funny and even more gruffy than Finnish. I&acute;m
    missing the thread on this song. But her voice has true personality.
    And the folk-style is really difficult to sing.
    Sharon: It rocks. Where are they from? Norway? Don&acute;t know
    them. Sounds totally different from the other stuff. I like it. The
    vocalist has a great voice. Can I have the album?

    Loreena McKennit – “All Souls Night (live)”
    Tarja: Loreena. I&acute;ve got some of her albums and I&acute;d
    like to see her live. A wonderful composition with great
    instrumentation. She uses her voice as a part of the whole. Excellent.
    Sharon: Bryan Adams? He&acute;s got a similar song.
    There&acute;s something of Kate Bush or Tori Amos about the
    vocalist. Loreena McKennit? It sounds good, but in the long run, her
    albums are a bit too soft for me. I also need something heavy for a

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    Re: Sharon Y Tarja Opinando

    Mensaje por Keridween el Vie 25 Jul 2008 - 15:01

    Que bueno que esta esto! muy buen aporte...sumamente original... Smile
    Y como era de esperarse, bastante buen oido tienen ambas... eso si!!! Tarjita a NO confundir Lacuna Coil con Withinnnn jajaja , buen aporte! saludos!

    Within Temptation Gold
    Within Temptation Gold

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    Re: Sharon Y Tarja Opinando

    Mensaje por DER_EVIL el Dom 12 Oct 2008 - 22:01

    me gusta la opinion de cry for the moon jajaj
    lo dudan y depaso sharon responde que es de nightwish aunque despues lo corrige bien jajajja
    eso si lo entendi lo demas ni un carajo y me da p*j* traducirlas

    muchas gracias aunque ya lo habia visto en otro lado
    Estas Enloqueciendo
    Estas Enloqueciendo

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    Re: Sharon Y Tarja Opinando

    Mensaje por Cecilia el Miér 22 Jul 2009 - 3:42

    buena entrevista, entretenida
    Adicto Al Foro
    Adicto Al Foro

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    Re: Sharon Y Tarja Opinando

    Mensaje por Any el Mar 22 Sep 2009 - 1:02

    essta bueno ver como opinan

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    Re: Sharon Y Tarja Opinando

    Mensaje por Nightquest el Miér 9 Nov 2011 - 4:00

    Perdón por resucitar un tema viejo, pero tengo que decir que ME ENCANTÓ la entrevista! genial la idea de hacerlas escuchar y opinar.

    Me gusta Tarja que se sabe los nombres de las cantantes, por ahi no tiene tan sabido los nombres de las bandas a las que pertenecen o los nombres de las canciones, pero las reconoce. Y eso que la mayoría de ellas la AMAN a Tarja.

    Qué raro Sharon no mencionó su participación con After Forever, ¿se le olvidó? xD

    Contenido patrocinado

    Re: Sharon Y Tarja Opinando

    Mensaje por Contenido patrocinado

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