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    Adicto Al Foro

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    Mensaje por Any el Dom 11 Abr 2010 - 21:37

    Guro from Norway:
    To whoever from the crew who would like to answer this one:
    How did you end up working with Nighwish? Smile

    Pyro Guys:
    Almost 10 years ago band asked me to do pyros for Wishmaster-record release gig. I am still on a same road:)

    A fan:
    To Anette: Hi! I wonder if Nightwish have any plans to record a new album but with a mix of the older songs?
    I also wonder which was your best moment with the band during 2009?
    Thanks for being a part of the best band in the world!//Garson

    Hi Garson! No, any album like that isn't something we have considered and I dont think it will happen since we all feel that Tarja and the guys already have done that. But maybe a live album someday where also the older songs are included.
    My best moment during 2009 were two moments: the very first gig after our break in London in march. Great to see everyone and meet them after so many months break. I also felt physically and mentally so much stronger than during 2008. Then Hartwall arena was magical. Amazing with so great musicians playing with us and to sing Walking in the air and Meadows of heaven finally was something I had longed for.
    And you're welcome, and thanks for thinking we are the best;=)

    Paweł from Poland:
    To Tuomas:

    1)How do you imagine yourself in the next twenty years?
    2)Is there any dream that you especially want to come true?

    I never look too far into the future, all I need to know or want is here and now. I hope I'll still be alive, look like an old Walt Whitman, and that life would taste as sweet as it does at the moment.

    Well, right now I wish that the upcoming album would end up being like I have imagined it to be during the past 3 years. I just finished with the last song yesterday, such exciting times!

    Bruce from Brasil:
    To Marco:
    If, for any reason, you had to pick between vocals and playing bass, which would be? Why?

    This is really a hard one because I define myself so much by both singing and playing. I'm just happy to have both. If something happened to my voice or my fingers, I'd still be lucky to have the other to fall back on. If something happened to both, I don't know if I could survive.

    Stefan from Romania:
    To Emppu: What kinds of books do you read? You told someone you read books to relax...what is ,let's say, the book that impressed you most?

    Yeah, on tour you'll have a lot of time on your hands, sitting in the plane or tour bus, and reading gives you some "private" time. There's always a lot of people buzzing around, so it's an easy way to get some privacy for a while. I pretty much read all kinds of books, currently mostly historical stuff that's based on actual fact. While I was younger, I never read anything. I don't think I read one single book while in high school. I had to start reading, because the battery in my Game Boy always died on me during the long flights. Very Happy
    Biggest impression - Hmmm, there are so many great books. It's hard to pick just one.

    Junia from .:
    To Anette:

    Which place/country you've been on tour that you most liked? in aspects like culture, climate, people, natural landscapes..Smile

    Oh, there have been many;=) But I did love Japan a lot. So nice people and I felt really safe walking around there all by myself. I also love japanese food so it suited me fine. Then seeing Australia was amazing and a dream came true. I also love the US just because it is so totally different from Sweden. It's just so big and people are much more open and talkative there than in my country. And to be able to have a country with so many different sides and people is just amazing;=)

    April Rey from Riverside, CA USA:
    I love your voice. When you are on tour what is one of your favorite ways to be selfish, and have some personal time?
    Thanks for taking my question.
    Hope to see you soon in the USA

    Hi! Well, I love to go out if its nice weather, seeing the city we're in and enjoy a coffee in some nice place. If I cant go out, I read a nice book and just watch some dvd-boxes. And I also hope to see you soon in US too;=)

    Bram from Belgium:
    To Jukka:

    What is it according to you that makes nightwish so popular all over the world? What are your dreams for the future with the band? Btw: what's your favourite candy?

    Good songs and utmost honesty in everything to do with music. Those are the strengths of Nighwish, at least that's how I'd like to see it. I have no big dreams left for future, because my original dreams have been surpassed many times already. I just hope that Nightwish is still around in ten year's time and that we still get our kicks making music.

    I don't really eat candy, but if I have to pick something, I'd say chocolate.

    .... from Lappeenranta:
    To Anette:
    I read from a teletext that you're getting another child. Congratulations!

    Do you think this is going to have any affect to the next Nightwish tour in couple of years?

    Hi! Thanks for the congratulations;=)
    No, I dont think it will influence the coming tours. If we all could manage the last huge tour even if we are three persons that have kids, I am sure that we can make the next one working too. Its all about planning and making everyone feel ok with the schedule and I know King Foo and me and the guys can make that happen.

    Amy from United Kingdom:
    Question for the pyro guys;
    Before going on tour, do you sit down with the band members and discuss what they want for the pyro or do you choose what's best that goes with the song? =)

    Yes. Usually Tuomas will give me specs where he wants effects and after that i will make plans and then we see what we can do. It is quite common that whole thing will grow up and even change during tour:)

    Sam from UK:
    To Tuomas,

    It's been a while since the dark days of Century Child. How do you think you have changed as a person since then? Are things a lot more brighter now?

    I wish I have changed in some matters, and I wish I haven`t changed in many matters. Dark Passion Play was made during the darkest days, even worse than Century Child, but things have always been well, sometimes the Darkness and Its boogeymen just veil the Good behind.

    Desi from Missouri, USA:
    To Marco:

    What made you decide to be involved with Kuorosota this year? Even though I am in the US, I have caught all of your choir's performances on the internet! It's very good!

    The reward going to the charity and not to my own pocket. The challenge of doing something I've never done before. And the possibility of gathering a bunch of really crazy people and having a lot of fun together.

    Doug Moore from San Diego, CA, USA:

    I read in an interview from late 2009 that Nightwish is intending to do another North American tour during 2010. Any info on that?

    Heh, there are certainly no tours in 2010, but hopefully in 2011-2012.

    Renan Pinelli from São Paulo, Brasil:
    To Jukka:
    Have you ever suffered any kind of prejudice for being vegeterian? (I do hope you're still vegetarian Smile

    I've gotten off pretty easy. Of course there's always bound to be people who think that vegetarian food means just raw carrots and broccoli, but fortunately the attitudes have improved, and nowadays it's pretty easy to get proper veggie food all over the world. I don't get so many puzzled looks these days as I did when I started it years ago. It seems that people can change Very Happy

    Haubi from Germany:
    Hi Jukka
    Did you ever hit youre face with a drumstick on stage ?
    Sometimes it happens to me Wink

    It happens all the time. Nothing makes you feel quite so stupid as when you gloriously hit yourself in the face while playing something really snazzy with the spotlight turned on you. I've hit myself a black eye and countless bumps on the head, split my lip, bloodied my nose, torn out my earring and nose piercing... Everything imaginable has happened. You just have to bow your head for awhile, silently curse your own stupidity and clumsiness and swallow your pride (along with the blood from the split lip) Very Happy

    Katie from Pennsylvania, US:
    exactly what series of cymbals do you use and why the hell can't I find you on Paiste's website?

    My set up is a mix of several different series: 2002 Wild Crash, Rude China, Signature Sound Edge Hihat, etc. From time to time I change some cymbals, so I can't actually remember current set up exactly.

    For Paiste website, check here:

    Kiipparisti&Fani from Helsinki:
    To Tuomas:

    Do you ever wonder how the concept you`ve created has taken over the whole world? I read your biography, such an interesting story.

    I wonder about it every day, feeling extremely humble and a bit proud about it all at the same time. It`s been such an incredible journey to find one`s place in the universe, and to have a chance to do something I love above all.

    Kalem McMahon from United Kingdom:
    Question for the pyro guys
    Based on your role I'm sure you love fire and explosions! Is there anything really crazy you've wanted or suggested to do but just couldn't for some reason, and if so, what?

    Yep. We love pyros! All our suggestions have passed the band and i have to tell that most of them looks pretty nice.

    Black Orchid from Deutschland:
    Emppu: What would you do if there was no beer left in the world and I had the last bottle?

    Hmm.. i guess I would have to start to bargain with you. 5eur?

    juan jose sierra from medellin colombia:
    To Emppu:
    which was your first guitar and at what age did you get it?

    My first guitar was an acoustic Landola I stole from my brother. It still hangs on my wall, actually, and I always have to hide it when my brother comes to visit me. I think I was about 10 or 11 when I committed the crime.

    Desi from Missouri, USA:
    To Tuomas:

    Can you give us ANY hints on this supposed "twist" you keep mentioning about the upcoming album?

    What`s the fun behind a secret revealed? =) I`m not trying to irritate anyone but we still need lots of time to get the whole thing together.

    Hietala Boy from Brazil:
    To Marco:
    How did you like Brazilian beer and crowd?
    PS.: We made some kind of poll for "bassist of our dreams" and you won!

    I loved the crowd and I love beer universally! Thank you verrrry much!

    Joel G. from USA:
    To Anybody Who Knows the Answer

    Who was your album cover artist for Dark Passion Play and what medium did he/she use to create it? (acrylic, oil, or digital)

    The artwork for the Dark Passion Play was created by Janne and Gina Pitkänen. All work was created digitally using photoshop and some 3D software.
    Islander and Cadence was done by Gina
    Master Passion Greed and Poet and Pendulum was created by both.
    The cover and the rest of the images was done by Janne.
    This excludes the photos which were taken by Ville Juurikkala :-)

    Miso from Illinois:
    To Marco:
    You've stated you're a video game lover. What would be your favorite game?
    Thanks for your time. You're quite possibly the best (male) singer I've ever heard.

    Possibly Planescape Torment. An RPG in a same vein as the Baldur's Gate series, but the world was a whole lot weirder.

    Thank you!

    Mikko from Kuopio:
    Can we expect a soloalbum from Marco Hietala anytime? It would be great to have a whole album full of songs where the singer would be only Hietala.

    Well... I've had this continuing work in progress over ten years now. The idea would be to have a distinct world of colliding musical elements, and the lyrics for the whole thing would be in finnish and english both. Like I said: Over ten years in progress. Might happen sooner, later or never
    Estas Enloqueciendo
    Estas Enloqueciendo

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    Re: Nightmail

    Mensaje por Cecilia el Lun 12 Abr 2010 - 1:30

    algunas lindas preguntas, pero no tan interesantes

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