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    Entrevista a Anette por Helsingborgs Dagblad

    Adicto Al Foro
    Adicto Al Foro

    Femenino Capricornio Tigre Mensajes Totales : 4404
    Tu Nombre : Analia
    Fecha de nacimiento : 05/01/1987
    Edad : 31
    Ciudad, Provincia Y Pais : San Lorenzo, SAnta fe, Argentina
    Empleo/Ocios : in the hell!!!!!!!!!!!
    Humor : inteligente!!!ironico, sarcastico, burlista, divertido
    Puntos : 7016
    Reputación : 47
    Fecha de inscripción : 31/07/2009
    Numero Telefonico : 0-800-any las 24hs jajajaj

    Entrevista a Anette por Helsingborgs Dagblad

    Mensaje por Any el Miér 17 Mar 2010 - 2:29

    La revista sueca Helsingborgs Dagblad le hizó en Noviembre de 2008 una entrevista a Anette referente a su moda y estilo.

    Anette Olzon, 37, singer of the Finnish metal band Nightwish. Lives in Påarp, but looking for an apartment in Helsingborg. Her favourite garments are colorful and patterned leggings.

    When Anette comes she’s dragging a large black suitcase along. Today is one of the few days she is off this year. Apart from a few brief periods, she will be working two and a half years in the dash, it’s that long the world tour lasts.

    – The bags are always packed and I have double of everything. It’s not worth it to unpack when I only have time to be home for two days before I leave again, says Anette who lightens up the grey and weeping weather in her red and white plaid pencil skirt.

    She thinks clothes are one of the best things, in addition to singing.

    When she was little she always wore her mother’s home-made clothes, but got tired of it pretty quick.

    – She is really good at sewing, but it is more fun to buy your own clothes.

    Anette describes her style as crazy and odd. She wants to provoke and at the same time show that a metal singer not only has to wear black.

    – What is so wrong with pink on a metal scene? In Finland, I get quite a lot of criticism from people who think that you cannot dress like me. They think I should get a stylist, but I don’t care. I am not from that culture.

    For her stage performances, she’d rather buy expensive than cheap clothes because she doesn’t want to have something everybody else has. In the photo shoots, however, she doesn’t mind wearing clothes from the discount chains. At home she never wears make-up and doesn’t care to fix her hair.

    – When I’m going to town (expression that means like "go shopping or to a café") though, I make sure I look nice. Stylish but still relaxed. Helsingborg is a very snooty city.

    Sometimes she relaxes by going to the forest.
    – There you can’t run around in high heels. You have to be practical when you’re a mom.

    Her clothes bill usually land at between 10 000 and 50 000 every month. But she is clear that there is a limit to how much she is willing to pay. One time she bought a bag for 13 000.

    – I didn’t think I would ever do that. I’m no bag person, but everyone says that a good bag lifts an entire outfit.

    She says that it requires quite a lot of work behind a rolling wardrobe. In the beginning, she had no track at all. Then she could bring several suitcases on tour, even though nobody could carry them.

    – Over time, I have realized that it isn’t possible, at least not in countries where we’re not surrounded by a large crew. Sometimes the boys in the band help me, but they’re not raised (or disciplined or trained or mannered, don't know what word to use) as Swedes, laughs Anette.

    In addition to the suitcases, she has a walk-in closet and a bureau with clothes. A while ago, her boyfriend moved in, but he still has to have his clothes in suitcases.

    – My accountant told me I have worldly problems. I have a vast amount of trousers and dresses that take up lots of space. Yesterday I gathered at least two sacks with clothes to remove from my collection. I find it hard to let go of clothes since most things becomes in vogue again after awhile.

      Fecha y hora actual: Lun 21 Mayo 2018 - 16:39